Day 18… 3.5 hours – Total 51.5 hrs

Today was the last Saturday that I am scheduled to help with classes this year, making it a bittersweet morning. The day was bright and crisp –  Fall was now unafraid to show her ankles and soon Winter promised to take center stage! The trees are all dipped in crimson, gold and every color in between, presenting the eye with a color palette that could never quite be duplicated by humans in its glory. I learned the horse show had been a huge success and the kids could hardly stop talking about it! It was truly amazing to witness the pride and sense of accomplishment it had instilled in them all as they reveled in telling me all about it. Hearing about the fun day made me sad to have missed it, but I had managed to sneak off for a long weekend with my husband for the first time in over a year, so I had a good excuse!

In class today we practiced trotting much of the time and the kids absolutely loved it, rising to the challenge of the faster, super bouncy gait with apparent ease. It’s hard to think about much else when you’re bouncing up and down on a trotting horse! It also requires much more muscle control than riding at the walk. Many of the children suffer from physical as well as mental difficulties, making their accomplishments even more impressive.

As they dismounted I could see the disappointment in some of their faces as the kids asked again and again when they would be back. Today, Spring is little more than a distant concept and seems no less than an eternity to wait, I’m sure.


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