Day 11… 2.5 hours – Total 30.5 hrs

6480_109358649507_95788244507_1998757_948456_nTonight was the last night of our Thursday night class for this session (I missed last week’s ground class due to a migraine), and it was also the night my teacher, Dr. Kathleen Nesbitt, was scheduled to come observe me for my internship! The class—and just being at the farm—was as fun as always, and I especially liked having Dr. Nesbitt as a visitor. It was nice to share what I had learned with her, and I think the riders enjoyed showing off their impressive skills as well!

Since it was the last class of the session, the instructor kept it low-key and tried to let the riders set the pace for the evening. My rider had just returned from a trip to New York with her husband and teenage son, so we had a lot to talk about prior to class and during the downtime! The trip had been fun (they hardly slept, she claimed) but I could tell it had really taken a toll on her physically.

Some of the simplest tasks that we take for granted, like walking from a car into a building, are so challenging for our riders that I can’t help but be amazed as she regales me with stories of touring the Museum of Modern Art while in New York and tells about climbing in and out of taxis and onto double-decker buses day after day! No wonder she was tired tonight!

Despite this fatigue, my rider amazed me with her tenacity and ability to push herself to do everything the teacher asked (and more) throughout tonight’s class. These ladies are truly inspirational in their determination. The next time I feel “too tired” to do something, I’m going to remember them and try my best to wring just a little of their style of moxy out of my own ebbing bones!


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